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Hawaiian Burger & Chicken Sandwich

It seems like Mother Nature is TRYING to give us some sunnier weather. One day it’s sunny, one day it’s not.

That doesn’t mean you can’t hurry things along with a little sun in your life right now!

Get in to your local Kidd Valley now for a taste of sunshine with our Hawaiian Burger or Sandwich. Both feature fresh pineapple, ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, and tomato, topped with honey-pepper citrus sauce on a potato bun.

It’s the next best thing to a vacation in the sun. OK, maybe not that, but it’s a start.

NOTE: Not available at Pier 54 or Renton locations.


Piña Colada Shake

No trip to the islands – by way of an Hawaiian Burger or Sandwich – would be complete without inviting a Piña Colada Shake along for the ride. One without the other is just plain lonely, so get packing with fresh pineapple, coconut flavoring, whipped cream & pineapple wedge.

A trip is always better with a friend.

A burger needs a shake. And you need someone with you for lunch or dinner to share the experience.