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Pumpkin Shake

Summer is gone and Fall is here. How do we know? Pumpkins have rolled into town. But, that shell that makes them roll well is just too hard to get through. You need a big sharp knife, and, well … it’s all just too much. You know what we’re talking about.

So, leave the getting-to-pumpkin-Fall-tastiness to Kidd Valley.

We make pumpkin easy-to-eat in our famous Pumpkin Shakes.

You could even call us the King of Pumpkins. The Pumpkings!

That’s right. We said Pumpkings.

Enjoy a Pumpkin Shake (or two) before, like summer, they’re gone.


Washington Sweets Onion Rings

Kidd Valley is all about fresh ingredients; fresh beef, chicken and vegetables. But what's more fresh than things that are around only once a year?

Like Washington Sweets Onion Rings. They're not here for long but have a taste that will keep you dreaming about them all year long. Sweet, crunchy and MMMMM. We know you know.

Get some today and make your dreams come true.