Life's too short to eat the same thing. Eat up.

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Washington Sweets Onion Rings

Kidd Valley is all about fresh ingredients; fresh beef, chicken and vegetables. But what's more fresh than things that are around only once a year?

Like Washington Sweets Onion Rings. They're not here for long but have a taste that will keep you dreaming about them all year long. Sweet, crunchy and MMMMM. We know you know.

Get some today and make your dreams come true.


Blueberry Shake

You know summer is in full swing in the Pacific Northwest when blueberries are ripe. And ripe blueberries means fresh blueberry shakes from the Kidd. Delivered from local farms, we hand-spin those juicy spheres bursting with fruity goodness into another awesome seasonal freakishly fresh fruit favorite (say that fast five times).

Get one at today before they're gone.

On second thought, get another one for later. But drink it before it melts.